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If you want to buy a new garage door, we answer all your questions here about materials, mechanisms and maintenance

  • How can I keep my doors from going off the tracks?

    Any obstructions to the tracks, such as heavy objects leaned against them, can cause your door to come off the track. Also, make sure to conduct regular routine maintenance to combat wear and tear which can cause your door to not be held properly in place during operation.

  • Why must I replace both extension springs?

    Replacing only one of the two extension springs for garage doors won't serve you anything because the oldest spring will wear down very fast, too. The experts of our company in Glendora insist that extension springs must be replaced together to avoid uneven opening/closing of the door and the risk of finding gaps under the door.

  • How can I beautify garage doors?

    Garage doors will look better if they had windows. They must certainly be in good condition and, thus, you must never underestimate the importance of garage door maintenance. Keep the door clean and repaint it often. Put some plants around and decorate it during holidays

  • Can I insulate my non-insulated door?

    There are kits for the insulation of garage doors. The materials are easy to install and will make a difference to the indoor temperatures. Of course, if you could replace the existing garage door with an insulated one, that would be preferable according to our experts in Glendora.

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